Membership community for moms who own service based Businesses

Mama, you
the support of a community of like-minded ambitious mamas who get it.

Mama, you                 the support of a community of like-minded ambitious mamas who get it.


The Purpose Gathering is a membership based community, based in Gilbert Arizona,  for mom business owners. Raising a family and growing a business at the same time often feels impossible, but we are here to support you!! 

My heart for this community is to offer a safe, judgment free zone where you can come and feel seen, validated and supported. No matter what industry you're in, we all face similar challenges as ambitious mamas trying to raise kiddos and grow a business we love without losing our minds. 

the purpose gathering Collective is super simple 

Step 1: Sign Up for Your Membership

Step 2: Save the Dates 

Step 2: Save the Dates

Step 3: Show Up

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The Collective Membership is $47 per month (with event specific drop in rates available) and covers the ongoing costs for our meeting location, educators and other materials for our meetups.

As a member you'll also receive access to our virtual community for continued support and opportunities for other hang outs.

Mark your calendar on the 4th Tuesday of every month in 2024 1/23 | 2/27 | 3/26 | 4/23 | 5/28 |  6/25 | 7/23 |  8/27 | 9/24 | 10/22  11/26 | 12/17

* Please note, we'll meet on the 3rd Tuesday for December due to the Christmas holiday. 

Our meetups will always be from 6:30-8:30 PM. We will meet at a Co-Working space in Gilbert  until we outgrow the space. 

Each meeting will include guided speed networking where you'll find a partner and get to know each other for 10 minutes. This helps encourage comfortable connections, rather than having to awkwardly approach someone you've never met. At the end of the night you'll have connected closely with at least 2-3 new friends. Each meetup also includes a theme, 15 minute teaching, time to apply what you learned and small group discussion. 

Step 4: Connect + Grow 

Our heart for the community is that you would continue to connect and grow your relationships with these mamas outside our our monthly meetups. We have a private members only virtual community which will be a great place to ask questions and connect with members further. I encourage members to plan hangouts, co-working, playdates and other events with the community so we can genuinely grow those deeper connections. 

If you're ready to find your business besties, and quit doing business alone, we'd love for you to join us.

If you're ready to find your business besties, and quit doing business alone, we'd love for you to join us.

what memebers are saying

My mission is to help fellow momtogs (mama photographers!) experience success in both business and in motherhood. As an Arizona brand photographer for mompreneurs, I’m passionate about capturing authentic images that show off my clients’ unique personalities so they can connect with their ideal clients. As an online business coach for momtogs, I LIVE for helping mamas experience incredible transformations that help them build a business they love, without sacrificing precious time with their littles or their sanity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only allow one person per type of business? 

No! This group is not a networking only group, it's a community to grow deep relationships with other mamas who get what you're going. Any industry is welcome, and we encourage you to view others in your same industry as essential community building opportunities instead of competition. Although networking is encouraged, it's not the primary goal of this group. I take this very seriously and anyone who treats members as only potential business will be removed from the group. 

Who will be teaching at each meetup?

Right now, I plan to be the one teaching. It's my goal to eventually have members of the group also share their knowledge with the group. I might also ask guest experts to come speak as well. Although the sole purpose of this community isn't education, there will definitely be actionable takeaways during each meetup. 

Can I  cancel at anytime? 

Yes! If you decide this community no longer works with your schedule or aren't feeling connected, you are welcome to cancel at anytime. I do encourage you to give the group a try for at least 2 meetups before you make your decision. It can take time to warm up to a new group of people and to feel that connection. 

I still have questions!

No problem! Please shoot me an email over to and we'll get back to you within 2  business days.

Will the meetups always be at the same location?

That's definitely my goal, but as the group grows, we may have to find a different location. Right now the capacity of the group will be capped at 30 members. 

Are nursing babies welcome?

Yes!! We absolutely support nursing mamas and encourage you to bring your baby to our meetups. 

How many members are in the community? 

Our group is growing and very intimate. Our space only allows for a capacity of 30 members. This gives us the opportunity to really get to know each other as we do life together as mom business owners. 

We cannot wait to come alongside you and support you on your journey