A free online event to help you purposefully organize your photography business so you can find balance, feel productive and increase profitability without the full time work-load.

A free online event to help you purposefully organize your photography business so you can find balance, feel productive and increase profitability without the full time work-load.

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April 17th-21st 



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You never seem to have enough time in the day and always feel like you have to choose between being a great mom or an awesome business owner.

You spend so many hours working on your business, but you still feel stuck and you're not seeing the growth you desire. 

Your business isn't profitable enough to support your family but you can't figure out how to charge higher rates.

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If any of this is resonating right now, it’s time to get focused and organized.

When you do have time to work, you feel overwhelmed, and confused as to what you should even be focusing on to grow your business 

You’re doing a lot of things right, but you know there has to be a way to get organized and use your time more effectively.

 What you really want is to: 
  • Feel confident that you're on track to hit your goals in your photography business 
  • Use the limited time you have to focus on the RIGHT things that will increase profitability in your business 
  • Have a sense of balance  between being an incredibly present mama, supportive spouse, successful business owner and the beautiful individual you are outside of your family and business 
  • Create a sustainable photography business that fits around your schedule and not the other way around

Growing your photography business while raising a family and trying to maintain your sanity can feel impossible at times

You don't have to do this alone.

The best part is...

You can have all these things, AND I have something to help!

Join 19  experts over 5 days to get organized in your life and your business so you can confidently manage both well. No more having to choose between running a successful photography business and spending quality time with your family. The Focused Mom Photographer Summit will show you how, and the best part is, you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

PJs, Messy Buns + No Makeup Welcome


the focused mom
photographer summit

will hep you get there

Encourager, Community Builder, Enneagram 1, Iced Coffee Lover

I'm also the creator of the Efficient Mom Photographer program,  a podcaster, wife and homeschooling mama saved by grace. As you can see, I'm right there with you juggling all the things. 

Over the past several years, I've learned that running a successful photography business isn't about how much time we have, but about how we strategically spend the time we do have. I created this summit to bring you the best educators to present on the most important topics that will transform your productivity and help you build a thriving photography business.

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It's time to get focused and organized so you can experience success in both business and in motherhood without sacrificing your family time or your sanity.

The Focused Mom Photographer  Summit will run from April 17-21st with a variety of presentations to choose from each day. 


what to expect

during the summit 

You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group for the summit where we’ll be partying it up before the summit starts and working together to get focused once it kicks off.

party it up

Since this summit is virtual, you can tune in wherever you'd like. I personally recommend somewhere cozy with  your favorite drink and notebook close by!! 


After registering, you can choose to purchase access to the Focused Photographer Toolkit. Inside this toolkit you'll receive ongoing access to presentations and worksheets, premium bonuses from our speakers, and additional bonuses. You won't want
 to miss it!


Presentations will be available for 24-hours to encourage you to stop waiting for the right time and take action along with hundreds of other photographers.


We all know the importance of doing better and making a difference where we can. A  portion of all sales will be donated to a charity/cause of my choice. (Last year, I donated 10% of proceeds to help two little girls who tragically lost
their mom in an accident.)

paying it forward 

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I am dedicated to helping you purposefully organize your photography business so you can find balance, feel productive and increase profitability without the full time work-load while making the process as easy as possible. To help, you’ll hear about my Efficient Mom Photographer program here and there throughout the event.

On the final day, one lucky (and engaged) attendee will be selected to win a full scholarship  to make organizing your photography business + staying focused on the right things EASY.

Once you are registered for the summit you'll get more details on how to apply 


the efficient mom photographer






what makes this 
summit different?

How does this sound?

presentations have been systematically selected with daily themes to keep you focused

We know life is busy, so each presentation is short and to the point (only 15-20 mins)

We value your time, so each presentation is full of action steps

Information overload is not our jam! we have time built in for you to do the work

this summit is for mom photographers only, with content tailored to you and your unique challenges

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Leveraging Higher Income and Boundaries to Create the Time and Margin to Live a Fulfilled Life 

destiny tillery

Six Figure Money Mindset Shifts for Mom Photographers

meg mcmillan

The Three Rs of Effective Copy

sara gillis

The Secret to Booking more Premium Clients

rachel traxler 

day 4: Increasing your profitability

Blogging SEO Best Practices

feuza reis

 How to Create 5-star
client experiences

taylor torres

Pinterest 101 for Photographers

Meg mohyla

How to Stand Out and
Book More Clients

nathan holritz

Stop Marketing Blindly and Start Making Bank with Email Marketing

kendra swalls

Skyrocket your Marketing with a Community-based marketing strategy that only takes
an hour a week

elizabeth henson


Now for the part you’ve been waiting for. Here are the amazing speakers you’ll hear from at the Focused Mom Photographer Summit. 

Overcome Your Biggest Blogging Barriers with a Simple 3-Step System

danielle blewitt

The 3-Step Sales Flow To Generate Customers + Clients Consistently

Brodie Pierson

Crafting a Powerful Clientflow: Less Friction, More Freedom

Mac hughes

Simplify Your Shooting To Gain Freedom From Editing
(without hiring an editor) 

kelsey strothers


your cEO Confidence Blueprint

brooke jefferson

Why Fear is Keeping You from getting the next thing done

shaun gordon

how To own your role as ceo

Finance Best Practices
For Photographers

meg evans

Sustainability For success

sabrina gerhardt

day 1: Owning Your role as ceo

APRIL 17th



aPRIL 20th

Pricing your Sessions Profitably

ashley freehan

ashley freehan



As you can see by this incredible lineup, you are NOT going to want to miss this event! 


“Ashley helped me gain more clarity in my business. I've received so much support, accountability, and encouragement from her.”

“Ashley helped me gain more clarity in my business. I've received so much support, accountability,
and encouragement from her.”

As a mom of three, trying to also grow my photography business I was feeling stuck in certain areas such as  work-life balance and profitability. Ashley helped me develop a  plan with actionable steps to refocus my energy and continue building my business in the right direction. 

take action

I really connect with ashley, she is so relatable.

"Ashley gives you real steps you can take to reach your business goals."

Where some coaches might throw out a generic, “Charge more!”, Ashley helps problem-solve and strategize not only a plan, but a roadmap to get there. From Ashley’s practical, no-fluff teaching, I’ve learned how to make my photography business profitable and maximize my time. Ashley “gets it.” She truly understands the struggles (and joys!) of having a photography business and being a mom. She’s authentic and down-to-earth, and it’s always a pleasure to learn from her!

Ashley is an action-oriented teacher.

"Ashley has such practical strategies and is extremely relatable."

As a mama and a business owner, she is not just sharing this information, but has actually applied it. Her teaching style is like chatting with a girlfriend. Thank you for all your help and the mindset shifts. 



- Lindsey T.

- Erin D.

- Christy S.


Join hundreds of other mom photographers at
The Focused Mom Photographer Summit 

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Is this only for Photographers? 

Yes, it sure is!! There is so much generic information for business owners out there, but this summit has been created specifically for mom photographers and the unique struggles we face juggling both motherhood and business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When is this online event happening?

The main portion of the summit runs from April 17-21st. We'll kick off on April 16th with an opening call and you'll be able to join the Facebook community right away when you get your ticket!

How long will the videos be available?

Each video will be available for 24 hours. However, you can grab the Focused Photographer Toolkit to get ongoing access to all of the videos and speaker bonuses. 

Will all the speakers get my email address?

No they will not. If you choose to sign up for a free bonus a speaker offers, only then will they get your email address. 

Are the presentations live?

To avoid tech glitches, save my sanity, and keep things easy for the speakers, the presentations are pre-recorded and will be released at 6AM PT on the corresponding day. Most speakers will be available for a small group live Q+A session answer your questions! 

I still have questions!

No problem! Please shoot me an email over to info@thepurposegathering.com and we'll get back to you within 2  business days.

How long are the presentations?

We know you're busy mama, so each presentation is only between 15-20 minutes. If you wish to dive deeper, be sure to leave some extra time to work on some of the actions steps. 

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