Ep 143. Maximize Your Marketing in 1 Hour per Week with Elizabeth Henson

Elizabeth Henson
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Do you ever feel like you’re spinning your wheels with your marketing? Like you’re putting so much time, effort, and energy into creating content that it feels like no one is actually seeing or engaging with?

I totally relate mama. That’s why I am SO excited about this conversation I had with Elizabeth Henson. She is an incredible marketing strategist who swears by using Facebook Groups as the main means of marketing for your business. She shares a system of marketing for only 1 hour per week, and how that has increased her marketing engagement by almost 40%. We can all take advice from Elizabeth on how simplifying your business is the only way to scale and avoid overwhelm.

Make sure to check out all of the ways to connect with her and the freebie she is offering to all of my listeners in the links below!

Key Points Discussed:

  • Who Elizabeth is, what she does in her business, and who she lives with
  • What it took for Elizabeth to get to the podcast episode recording on the recording day
  • Ways Elizabeth has made marketing easy for creatives and other artists
  • Elizabeth’s advice and tips on how easy marketing can actually be
  • How small of a percentage of our Instagram audience sees our content
  • How Elizabeth’s Facebook Group is where she’s decided to put most of her effort

“And I started to realize in my Facebook group that 40% were averaging, being able to see what I was posting.

So I knew right then that as far as my time, I wanted to lean into my Facebook community and my email newsletter because I didn’t have to pay anyone to help me. I didn’t have to create curated images or videos, I can just ask questions.

And I was able to figure out a marketing system with my Facebook community and my email newsletter that takes an hour a week and it is a long-term nurture strategy. And then Instagram is icing on the cake.

It’s where you find new members for your group. I look at Instagram as like first base and then my online communities like second base.”- Elizabeth Henson

  • How to figure out the percentage of people who are seeing your information on both Instagram and Facebook
  • Active members vs. total members in a Facebook Group
  • How Elizabeth keeps her marketing to 1 hour per week
  • What a good Facebook Group should have per week:
    • 1 piece of value
    • 4 conversation starters
    • Email newsletter to drive people back to the group & vice versa
  • How Elizabeth repurposes her content from her podcast to FB live & more
  • Using Instagram to point people to your Facebook Group
  • How this style of marketing can work for photographers by creating a moms group for your town/city and cultivating community based on what you are passionate about, and adding your photography services in
  • Tips on how to come up with content by considering your core values to attract your ideal client
  • How to be a content curator rather than a content creator
  • Embodying the characteristics of what it takes to be a successful version of ourselves
  • How to start and craft a successful Facebook Group
    • 5 minutes per day of engagement and strategic posting
    • 1 email per week to point people back to Facebook Group
    • Go live a few times a week
  • Nurturing as the key aspect of growing community and making sales

“My weekly 1 hour a week is nurture. It is nurture, nurture, nurture, so that when you’re ready, the customers are there and waiting for you.” – Elizabeth Henson

  • The right time to pitch what you’re offering in the midst of nurturing within your FB group
  • Elizabeth’s favorite productivity hack: mapping her calendar

Quotes to Note:

“Normally, I’m very organized. But like I said, with mom, life, anything can happen.” – Elizabeth Henson

“As much as I love Instagram, and I think it’s such a fun platform, only 2% of our audience even sees what we’re doing on Instagram. And I started to realize in my Facebook group that 40% were averaging, being able to see what I was posting. ” – Elizabeth Henson

“There are so many different ways to use a community to leverage yourself as a photographer and an authority and whatever you want that niche and that ideal client theme to be.” – Elizabeth Henson

“It’s not like I’m just ignoring Instagram and all the other platforms, but I’m using those more leisurely to drive traffic to the group and to drive traffic to my podcast.” – Elizabeth Henson

Connect with Elizabeth:

Elizabeth Henson ​​| Website | Instagram | FREEBIE | Facebook Group

Elizabeth Henson is the owner of Elizabeth Henson INC., founder of The Messy Success Podcast®, and The Community Growth Lab®. Elizabeth has become the go-to expert in community based marketing and leadership. She helps six and seven figure companies become pro’s at building and maintaining large communities that turn into marketing machines. Elizabeth’s signature system for building, nurturing, and monetizing communities has changed the landscape of digital marketing. She gets businesses out of the content generating hamster wheel and into relationships that leverage their authority. Elizabeth is also a BBD Plus Coach and Sales Pro for James Wedmore. 

You can find Elizabeth working from home while jamming to 90s music! She loves hot yoga, and her core values are simple: To be creative and operate from her highest good, while inspiring others to do the same. Our Community Based Marketing Agency and online course is built around a unique 5 step framework that masters community building and Email marketing. 


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