Ep 181. How Voxer is Revolutionizing Communication for Busy Mompreneurs

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Episode 181 is a fun one, where I host a collaborative-style type interview with my friend Elizabeth Henson where we talk all about the amazing app that is Voxer!

If you don’t know, Voxer is a walkie-talkie app where you can send voice messages to your friends, coworkers, business besties, and more! It is amazing, and has truly been revolutionary for so many of my personal and professional relationships!

To start, Elizabeth and I shared the story of how we first connected and became business friends, and then real friends!

We move into how we first heard of and started using Voxer (Elizabeth has been using it for 10 years!)

I personally resisted using it for many months, but finally jumped in, and I’m so glad I did.

What I learned was that when I started chatting on Voxer with my friends, our friendships went so deep because we had the ability to really chat with each other about what was going on in our lives.

Elizabeth and I chatted about so much more throughout the episode like:

  • How Voxer changed our friendships (for the better!!)
  • How Voxer voice messaging is different from other apps like Instagram, etc.
  • Specific features found on Voxer
  • Things we love about Voxer (The flexibility of not having to be on the phone all the time!)

One specific thing we love about Voxer is that it doesn’t have that distractibility temptation like other voice messaging apps such as Instagram. There is nothing else on there vying for your attention when you hop on. It’s a simple, straightforward app that isn’t going to suck you into it or demand attention from you!

We also chatted about things such as:

  • How we started using Voxer for business
  • The way busy moms don’t have time to commit to official phone calls, but Voxer can serve the same purpose but on your own time.
  • The benefits of a business coach who uses Voxer
  • The transformations we’ve seen in our lives and businesses since using Voxer
  • How to offer Voxer coaching in your own business
  • Showing up on Voxer in your own time and how best works for you
  • The ways Voxer helps us to connect, celebrate, and grow in relationship with others
  • Ways to use Voxer to land clients

We said this specifically:

“What happens is when you see someone that you can serve, Reaching out to them and having a real conversation with them, even if it doesn’t lead to them booking with you, but just taking time out of your day to serve someone, to help someone get a little bit closer to that decision. It’s going to be far more beneficial than throwing up a post on Facebook or Instagram.”

We concluded our convo with these topics:

  • How perfect Voxer is for adding members to your team such as a Virtual Assitant
  • Using Voxer to communicate with podcast guests
  • Using Voxer to communicate with team members
  • How using Voxer to communicate with team members can take so many things off of your plate as a business owner
  • The deepness of friendship Voxer can help achieve

All in all, it was such a refreshing and life giving conversation, and made me so grateful for the ways Voxer has served me in both my personal and business life.

It truly has been revolutionary for me, and I know it can be for you too!

Reach out to me with any questions you have over on Voxer. See the link below for my specific Voxer handle.

Guest Bio: Elizabeth Henson is a podcaster, photographer, and passionate marketing consultant for online business owners. She helps business owners step into leadership and build communities. and specializes in helping six and seven figure CEO’s make marketing simple. She believes in the power of relationships and finding her own version of success. Her community based marketing agency and online course are built around a unique 5 step framework that masters community growth, engagement, and sales. 

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