Ep 163. Simplifying SEO for Photographers with Kyle Goldie

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In this episode, I have a conversation with my friend Kyle Goldie all about simplifying SEO for photographers!

We chat about so much good stuff from the basics and where to start, to the benefits of SEO and how it can radically change your business.

I hit the main points here, but click the link below for a full transcript of the conversation!

SEO Basics and Its Importance in Digital Marketing (0:00)

SEO, in short is for Search Engine Optimization. The plain English is ‘are you wanting to be found on Google?’ and you get more people finding you through a free resource where people can just type in your area, your job title, and ideally, you pop up, they love your website, and they want to go inquire with you about your services.

SEO Keyword Research For Photographers (6:32)

This is where you might want to START.

We need to know what your ideal client is googling for. If we don’t, we don’t want to guess what needs to get done.

Keyword Research For Photographers, Including Search Volume Importance (12:58)

It’s super important to add variance and what others might be searching in your SEO, as well as utilizing brand awareness keywords as you research your niche SEO material.

Ideally, we want to look at the stuff that has this highest search volume first, because you’re getting in front of the most amount of people with a singular keyword, one topical page, or post, etc.

After you have the target keywords figured out you can figure out where to go from there.

This is also where producing blog posts comes in so your material is relevant and can be seen by people searching for the types of things you offer. Then you can move them through your business funnel.

Blogging and SEO For Photographers (20:00)

Entrepreneurs in general who are working on their SEO, don’t really think of their blog being a part of the website, they almost think of it as the secondary entity.

But you really have to consider that everything blog versus webpage, is just content. And it’s living on the domain, the singular domain. So blog versus webpage, how Kyle wants you to think about this in terms of your SEO is that it’s no different.

You don’t NEED to blog, but it only helps with upping your views and how many people are finding you and your services.

But, the blog posts have to be strategic with specific content related to your area, specific services, etc.

SEO Benefits For Photographers (25:57)

The biggest benefit that you’re going to be getting is by getting in front of additional keywords.

If you do choose to go blog, you’re getting in front of keywords that you would not have otherwise, if you did not blog.

So if anyone says you don’t have to go blog, they’re not lying to you. You don’t have to, but it’s a benefit to you if you do.

Blogging gives you anchor content and helps you earn the Know, Like, Trust factor with your audience.

SEO Competition and Analysis (31:16)

What you could do is you can look at your competitor’s websites, look at the URLs, and then just up top and the URL search bar within your browser, you’re going to type in their And then forward slash sitemap dot XML. When you look up there, sitemap dot XML, traditionally, it’ll pull up with the different sitemaps that they have as part of that website.

This will help you analyze your competitor’s blog posts and see what you might learn from them.

Common SEO Mistakes And How to Avoid Them (37:59)

Get someone’s help to look at your content, do an audit, if you want to have them, look at your competitors as well. That’s what we’re really talking about getting more of an agency level, a help or a coach, and not just DIY courses over SEO.

One huge mistake Kyle talks about is taking advice from people that they think they can trust, but it’s bad advice.

Using 1 page per target keyword is such a huge piece of wisdom here!

Another big issue that Kyle said he sees is photographers not knowing what to blog about. Because they’re told a variety of different things from a variety of different educators, or different people inside of Facebook groups.

Then, they just give up!

Get good coaching, and keep with it.

SEO, Trust, and Coaching For Photographers (42:21)

A lot of times SEO agencies don’t have photography backgrounds. So they don’t know how to convert cold traffic to a photography audience.

They just do the absolute basics, sometimes even of SEO titles, meta descriptions, they don’t even normally touch the SEO heading tag structure.

They don’t talk to you about blog posts. They don’t do keyword research for brand awareness stuff because that’s not something they even know about.

So trust is the foundation of all of this. Don’t pay attention to the results of the educator, but to the results of the people they have helped.

SEO and Conversion Optimization For Photographers (48:09)

Kyle owns his own coaching program where he can help you specifically get a handle on your SEO for your photography business specifically.

Head here to find out all of the things he can offer, and listen to the full episode to hear him break it all down!

He’s seen many people see results in as few as 45 days!

Baby steps are incredibly important. So people don’t get overwhelmed through the process.

This is where support and coaching from people like Kyle come into play, so definitely reach out to him for all your SEO needs.

SEO Platforms and Plugins For Photographers (53:36)

Kyle prefers something that’s WordPress based or WordPress, at least integrated.

He likes ShowIt, Yoast, and TextMetrics. These are all linked below.

Kyle Goldie:

  1. Join Kyle’s Facebook Group
  2. Coaching Program | Showit Templates | Free SEO Tips + Strategies | Follow Kyle on Instagram

Mentioned Resources:

  1. Keywords Everywhere
  2. Moz Link Explorer
  3. WordPress Plugins
  4. Yoast – There is a free version
  5. TextMetrics


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