Ep 45. Get Clear on What You Sell + Simplify Your Business Model

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Today’s post is a follow-up to last week where I spoke about five things that will make or break your business. I am so excited to dive deeper into the idea of getting crystal clear on what it is that you offer and sell. Then I want to walk you through how to keep your entire business model simple and streamlined.

Last week I highlighted five things that will make or break your business in 2021:

1. Get crystal clear: Be specific with what you offer.
2. Keep it simple: Focus on one product or service.
3. Taking action: Follow-through on your commitments, especially to yourself.
4. Gain more visibility: Networking and relationship building.
5. Stay in your lane: You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing.

Today, we’re going to dive deeper into getting crystal clear and keeping it simple.

1. Get Crystal Clear

It is so important to focus on one revenue stream. Creative people often feel the need to keep continuously creating new content. Unfortunately, it’s distracting us from growing our business. We become so distracted by all of the new revenue streams that we could be adding, such as courses or digital products that we never focus on what is already working for us.

My friend Haley Burkhead shared a concept with me that I found shocking. She said that you need to be focusing on one revenue stream until it is bringing in $10,000 a month consistently. Once you accomplish this, then you can add new revenue streams. This figure may seem daunting to you, but think of this in another way using a soccer ball analogy or the shiny object syndrome.

For example – think of multiple income streams as a line of soccer balls on a soccer field. Imagine yourself walking up to each of these balls one-by-one and kicking them continuously as hard as you can. You will notice that the balls you kicked generally land in the same area. But when you focus your attention on only one soccer ball, and you kick it as hard as you can farther and farther along the field, it travels much farther down the field.

Get very clear on what it is that you offer now. Focus on that one product or service instead of trying to introduce multiple things at once. Don’t introduce new revenue streams when you haven’t even hit $10k with your original revenue stream. Start thinking with an abundant mindset and think on a grander scale for your business. Be future focused and put on the ‘CEO hat’ every single day.

2. Keeping It Super Simple

Keep your business model extremely simple. Your marketing strategy should have a similar system on a weekly basis and on a monthly basis. It should be easy for you to follow so when you plan your monthly marketing strategy, you aren’t reinventing the wheel. If you want some more information on the marketing strategy that I use for Instagram, check out my Instagram Planning with Confidence Masterclass on my website.

Attract, Invite, Persuade, Conversion

I’m going to talk about the Haley Burkhead framework and exactly the process of your business.

Your client journey consists of four parts:

  • Attract: This is your strategy that you use to get new people into your world. We spend our time, energy, and effort on attracting people and we have a hard time implementing the next three steps, as this is where we should be investing more of our time and energy.
  • Invite: This simply means giving people an opening, an invitation, a way for them to seek more information. People need a way to invite themselves – an inquiry form, a button on your website that says book a discovery call to learn more or a freebie. It could be a freebie that you invite people to sign up for, and then they end up joining your email list.
  • Persuade: Walk your potential client through their journey and process it with them. Show them what it looks like to work with you. What is the benefit that they’re going to receive? How do you stand out in your industry? What are you going to do to make their life easier? What are the things that they really need to know to help them make their decision?
  • Conversion: Make that process super easy for them to sign a contract with a click of a button and buy now.

With everything else that you’re doing in your business, take a minute to evaluate how you are using your time. Is spending my energy on Instagram content really where my focus should be? Or should I be spending more time on persuading those people?

Only YOU will know the answer for your business model, and sometimes you may be a newer business and haven’t even gotten to the invite, persuade and conversion aspect. Your primary focus is to get clear on what you offer. The next thing you might be focusing on is the attraction strategy you want to use. You should pick two attraction strategies because if you try to be on every platform and everywhere at once, you’re going to burn out.

Email Lists

I want to mention your email list, as I think it is so crucial and important. Our reach on social media keeps getting smaller and smaller. Despite the archaic nature of email marketing (coupled with the continuous emails we receive), research has shown the conversion rates are higher in email than it is on Instagram or any social media platform.

We really should be nurturing our email lists, and if you don’t have one, get one ASAP. I have a podcast episode, Episode 14: 5 Steps to Creating + Nurturing an Email List, which gives details on how to get started.

Different businesses are obviously going to have different a business model and a different client journey. This is a perfect opportunity for you to join our free community and ask these questions to other Mompreneurs. I am always here to give you advice. Our community is not hosted on Facebook, which allows me to create this tight knit relationship with you guys. I want you to be able to stay focused on growing your business while still prioritizing your family, and this is a great opportunity for you to find support, encouragement, and empowerment.


Just to recap, make sure that you are staying focused and kicking that one soccer ball as far as you can. Focus on one soccer ball and keep your business model super simple by using the same marketing strategy (don’t reinvent the wheel).

Think about on one to two attraction strategies to get new people into your world, and then give them a way to invite themselves, to be sold to, and have a great persuasive conversation. When you are finally at the convert stage, give people a super simple and easy way to work with you.

I hope that you guys are feeling empowered and encouraged. I want you to put everything that you just learned into action. Get laser focused on simplifying your business because business is fun, but it can also be very overwhelming when we look at what everyone else is doing and we try to do all of it at once in our own business.

If you’ve enjoyed today’s post, please share this with other mamas and also follow us @thepurposegathering, so that they can find clarity and simplicity in business.

As always mama, I am here rooting for you and you are not alone on this journey.


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