Ep 153. How I’m Handling this HUGE Transition in my Schedule

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Have you ever faced a major shift in your routine that turned your world upside down? Maybe it was the transition of returning to work after maternity leave. Or perhaps it was adjusting to an entirely new routine after summer vacation and having your kids back in school.

We’ve all been there, right? But what if I told you there was a way to navigate these big transitions with more ease and less anxiety?

I’m digging into a really big schedule change that has recently rocked my world. I’m really excited to dive into this topic today and chat with you about how to adapt with Grace. I’m going to challenge you to rethink your approach to these inevitable changes, and by the end you’ll have actionable strategies in your toolkit.

Because let’s face it, change is the only constant.

So how can we face it with confidence and control?

I encourage you, too to adapt to change and seek support during times of transition.

My Personal Journey Through Transition

I’ve been going through a significant transition myself. Initially, I planned to wait until I had fully adjusted to record this episode, but I believe it’s important for you to hear my thought process and struggles in real-time. I’m grateful for you, my audience, and your commitment to learning new tools and strategies.

At the end of last month, my daughter and I were really struggling with school and we had this sort of explosive moment. It’s not the first time that it’s happened, but my daughter has just really struggled for the past two years of us homeschooling with understanding the idea that you either school at home or you school at school. She just couldn’t get used to it, and some days would be okay.

But most days were really hard and it’s just been getting progressively worse. And we had been fighting a lot about doing school and it was just really draining on our relationship.

And so at the end of August, I asked her, Would you like to go back to school?

She has been also having some really difficult anxiety and OCD at night, which all started after we started homeschooling. And so I’ve been kind of putting the pieces together and wondering if maybe her finding a new school situation would be beneficial.

So we went down the rabbit hole of discovering what options were out there, and finally landed on the solution of what’s called a micro-school where she goes until 1pm each day.

The Emotional and Logistical Challenges of Transition

Transitioning to this new schedule has brought about emotional and logistical challenges. I’ve had to completely overhaul my ideal week to accommodate this new schedule. It’s been a journey of finding balance between structure and flexibility in our routines.

Through this, I’ve been journaling as a way to figure out what I think and feel.

Here are some things I’ve been journaling through, and that I think might be helpful for yo to journal through as well if you find yourself in a season of change and transition. You’ll see my own answers to them as I’ve navigated through my transition this month as well.

Journal Prompts – Reflection Questions 

  • How do I really feel about this transition?
  • What did I lose during this transition?
    • My morning routine
    • Our slow mornings 
    • Voice lessons for Scarlett 
  • What do I need moving forward?
    • How can I get really creative? 
    • Who can support me? 
  • What have I gained during this transition? The silver lining?
    • Scarlett is happier at school and feeling challenged 
    • There is less fighting between us and she and Jaden
    • We start the day much earlier 
    • I get lots of special time with Jaden 
    • We still get afternoons and Friday’s together
  • What changes do I need to make to our current routine and what support do I need?
    • A complete overhaul to my ideal week
      • Discuss the balance between having a structured routine and being adaptable.

This helped me to process through in such a practical way what I was thinking, feeling, and experiencing, and what I need to do moving forward to make this new schedule of ours work.

Creating an Ideal Week: A Guide

In my Efficient Mom Photographer program, I offer guidance on creating an ideal week, providing templates and a video walkthrough. It’s crucial to include personal time, self-care, and important family activities in our schedules. Transitions can feel overwhelming, but answering those journal prompts honestly and strategically can help dissipate the overwhelm that new transitions always seem to bring.

Making a Plan and Adjusting as Needed

Once you’ve identified the changes and needs, it’s time to make a plan. For me, this involved rearranging voice lessons and seeking help with rides for my daughter. Remember, the transition may be messy at first, and it’s okay to adjust as needed.

Keep Moving Forward and Adapt to Change

The final step of working through huge times of transition is to keep moving forward and adapt to change.

Change is constant, and it’s important to be able to adjust and adapt.

I share my personal story of figuring out what schooling works best for each of my children to provide insight and encouragement, emphasizing the importance of surrendering and praying during challenging times, and to encourage you as you find yourself in your own times of transition.

Because I truly believe that you can be an amazing present, Mama and a crazy successful photographer at the same time without sacrificing either one and without sacrificing your sanity.

And as always, Mama, I am here rooting for you and you are not alone on this journey.


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