Ep 152. Facilitating Sibling Time + Activity Ideas

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Have you ever wondered how to strengthen the bond between your kids and foster a lasting connection between them?

In today’s episode, we’ll be taking a closer look at fostering sibling relationships through intentional sibling time. We’ll explore why sibling time is so crucial, and more importantly, how you can actively nurture and encourage those special connections. 

I have so many incredible and practical ideas that will help keep your kiddos busy during this powerful and intentional time together. From fun games that promote teamwork to creative projects that spark collaboration. 

By the end of this episode, you’ll be armed with insights and inspiration to create an environment where your kids’ bonds grow stronger every day.

It’s so important that both parents and kids understand why strong sibling bonds are so important, so here are a few statistics you can share with your spouse and kids!

Sibling Statistics

1- Positive Sibling Relationships Lead to Higher Well-being, Sympathy + Understanding: A study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family found that individuals who reported having positive relationships with their siblings during childhood and adolescence had higher levels of life satisfaction and psychological well-being in adulthood. Siblings navigate changes and transitions together. Learning to adapt to changing family dynamics and life events can enhance an individual’s capacity to handle similar changes in their own family and marriage.

2- Sibling Bonds Contribute to Emotional Support: According to research from the University of Cambridge, siblings often provide emotional support during stressful life events. The study revealed that individuals who had strong relationships with their siblings were more likely to turn to them for comfort and advice during difficult times as adults.

3- Long-term Effects on Mental Health and  Resilience and Adaptability: A study in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships indicated that the quality of sibling relationships during adolescence is associated with long-term mental health outcomes. Positive sibling relationships were linked to lower levels of depression, anxiety, and loneliness in adulthood. Positive sibling relationships foster empathy and understanding. Developing the ability to understand another person’s perspective is valuable in maintaining healthy relationships with a spouse and effectively parenting children.

What is Sibling Time?

Essentially, what sibling time is, is time that’s dedicated for your kiddos to spend just playing with their siblings. Now this is dedicated and intentional time. It is different than just regular playtime.

A lot of siblings play together by default, but sibling time is much more intentional. It’s something that I really, truly believe can help lead to these strong bonds that we are talking about.

This time is set aside and it’s set apart. It is also consistent, and it is regular. Try to be daily, and consistent rather than willy-nilly about it, and offer these cooperative ideas together. Here’s a whole list of things you might offer for your kids to do during their sibling time:

Activity Ideas

  • Help them choose activities that are
    • Cooperative or can be done without competition 
    • Something they can do next to each other at different levels 
    • Screen-free 
    • Encourages movement and/or laughter

Pretend Play 

  • Playmobil City
  • Make Puppets for a Puppet Show
  • Dress up 
  • Set up office/veterinarian
    • They can create props with sets of cardboard boxes/butcher paper

Games + Activities

  • Hide and seek 
  • Cooperative Board Games/ Card Games 
  • Playdough 
  • Paper Airplanes 
  • Scavenger Hunt 
  • Hide and seek 
  • Make friendship ice-cream
  • Play hide and seek with painted rocks
  • Have your kids create a scavenger hunt or an obstacle course
  • Legos
  • Memory Tray Game – Spread a variety of objects on a tray. Stare at it for 1 minute. Remove the tray from view and then everyone tries to remember as many objects as they can
  • Building towers with cards or paper cups 
  • Find the missing penny (put a penny under a cup and then mix up the cups and everyone tries to keep track of where the penny went)


  • Draw with me – Art Hub for Kids on YouTube
  • Craft kits from Michaels 
  • Diamond Art
  • Rainbow Loom 
  • Beading/Bracelet Making
  • Paint Rocks
  • Creating robots out of trash, have them work together to create one giant robot 
  • Have them create a mural together on a big sheet of butcher paper 
  • Write a book + illustrate a book together


  • Slip and Slide 
  • Water Table/Sensory Table 
  • Take any game/activity out on the patio with a folding table
  • Bubbles
  • Nature journal from items in your backyard 
  • Create chalk murals outside

I hope that these activities and the concept of sibling time are inspiring for you and that you see the value of it! I’d love to hear how you begin implementing it in your own home and family.

I truly feel as though this has the potential to set them up for success and give your family that joy-filled, peace-filled home that you’re looking for.

Quotes to Note:

“Sibling bond is so crucial, and it’s our job as parents to help nurture and foster this within our kiddos.”

“No matter what gender your kiddos are, and no matter what mix of genders you have, I really truly believe that it’s important for our kids to spend quality time together.”

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