Ep 170. Navigating Challenges with Boundaries and Community

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Hey there mamas! I have the honor to be included in the lineup for Brooke Jefferson’s Plan to Profit Summit coming up so soon! I was on her podcast to share about it, and thought it would be a ton of fun to re-share that podcast episode here with you as well!

To start, You’re invited to the Plan To Profit Photographers Summit. This summit is online, so you can join us from anywhere. This is taking place on February 7th, 8th, and 9th. Get the link to sign up for the summit in the resources below!

Brooke is featuring 13 incredible summit speakers and one special guest covering topics that range from finances, to productivity, to marketing strategies, and beyond.

It’s no secret that the photography industry can be known for being cutthroat. But it can also be an incredible place of community and collaboration.

Danielle Weibe, founder of Business Babes Collective, shares the importance of community and collaboration and how it has been so impactful for her business and profit.

She shares how she started her business, her passion behind helping women build community, and why she loves growing her business that helps women not feel so lonely in their businesses.

Danielle starts her interview off by answering a question on why community and collaborations are vital to the photography community. She hits on things like the unique way each person comes into their businesses, and how collaboration with people who have different strengths than us helps truly skyrocket peoples’ businesses.

She says that really leaning into community and collaborating with an inclusive, ‘others’ focused mindset where you focus on helping others is such an incredible way to benefit your business. Having an open mindset about how you can be an advocate for change, and supporting other women rather than competing with them has such tangible outcomes for everyone.

She also shares her goals for her business and personal life for 2024!

She finishes off by giving her definition of success, which to her is simply waking up each morning and being content.

Her conversation with Brooke was so refreshing and encouraging to me as a female in business! I loved her focus on supporting others and being present in the moment as women in business.

Next up in the podcast was my own conversation with Brooke to share what I’ll be speaking about during the Summit!

We chatted all things boundaries and why they are crucial for your overall well being and the success of your business.

She asked me some fun rapid-fire questions where I shared about myself and what I’m all about and how I got into my photography business.

I shared my journey into business and how I moved from photography as a hobby and side-gig into taking myself and my business seriously and turning into a true full-time photography and coaching.

I moved into discussing how I I moved into food photography and how I’m meeting blogging clients, which was super fun to share on!

Next, we moved into the meat of what I’ll actually be sharing and teaching on during Brooke’s summit. I’ll specifically be speaking on boundaries and how to create and maintain healthy ones.

I got to share what boundaries mean to me specifically, and I shared this:

“To me a boundary is a clear division of what you allow, and what you don’t allow. I like to envision it kind of like a fence… it really is allowing yourself to set clear boundaries, clear fences, for other people and yourself of what you allow, and what you don’t allow.”

She then asked me what boundary I see photographers struggle to set specifically.

I shared that a time boundary is really where I see most photographers struggle. So many photographers try to do all the things, and be all the things for everyone, and it simply is not possible.

I’ll dive way more into this in the actual summit as well!

Next, Brooke asked me what my own non-negotiables are for boundaries in my own life. I shared something I know I’ve talked about on the podcast before, but it’s so important to me!

I shared that both my wake-up and evening boundaries with my kids is one that I am just not willing to budge on.

For me, I tell my kids that the wakeup boundary is you cannot ask anything of me until 7:30 In the morning.

My son is an early riser. So he’ll wake up at around 6:00 am, and he’ll want to be ready for the day. And I have just trained him from a very young age that he can wake up, but that I need my time to myself in the morning. That’s my self-care time.

If I want to be the best mom, the best wife, the best friend, the best business owner, I can be I have to have time to myself.

The evening boundary is the same. So once our kids are in their bedrooms, they don’t actually go to bed when we put them to bed. We put them to bed around 8 pm, and they don’t go to bed at 8, but that’s our boundary for my husband and I.

It’s just been so helpful for us as parents, but also for our kids to understand and recognize that they need time to wind down as well. And they need to also know that we are not always available all the time to create their fun and that type of thing.

Then, Brooke asked me a question I loved!

She asked me what advice I would give to someone who thought boundaries just simply wouldn’t work for them.

I shared a bit of wisdom that I think will help so many people:

I said, “When you hear something new, it’s your brains responsibility to try to keep you safe. And so I will constantly try to give you reasons why that won’t work. Because it’s hard. Change is hard. It’s not only hard for you, but it’s hard for your family, it’s hard for your spouse, it’s hard for your kids. And anytime that I have resistance, I always recommend digging into that resistance.”

It’s all about consistency and reminding the people you have boundaries with about those boundaries.

She rounded out our conversation with asking me about what goals I have for my personal and business life in 2024 and my personal definition of what it means to be successful!

To hear the full conversation, make sure you click the audio at the top of this blog!

And if you’re interested in grabbing a ticket to Brooke’s Summit, click the link under Resources below!


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