Ep 34. Plan, Prep + Protect Your Nutrition with Krista Moreland

Oct 7, 2020

Martyr Mom Mentality

1. We Lack the Ability to Take Ownership – We are the reason our kids eat the way they do.
2. We Never Say No: start saying no to things you don’t want to do, because when you do, you say yes to yourself, your family and your sanity!!
3. We Become a Woe is Me Mom: We say to everyone and everything and then blame everything on everyone else.

“We need to get honest with ourselves so we can actually take real action that counts.”

Plan, Prep + Protect


  • Step 1: If you want buy in from you’re family, you have to involve them in the planning.
  • Schedule time to think and plan your food.
  • Friday – 30 minutes of food planning time. Brainstorm ideas with your family. What do you want to eat this week for dinner?
  • Whatever is served for dinner our family rule is you have gratitude for what is served.
  • Saturday – Put the grocery list together and order groceries online


  • Prep food as a family. It’s some of the best time’s you’ll have together.
  • There is a time to eat for taste and a time to eat for fuel.
  • There is a difference between a craving and actually hungry.


  • Online grocery shopping saves you time, money, calories and sanity!!
  • When you’re in the store with your kids, you end up grabbing what used to work and not what you want to work.




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