Ep 141. Why I’ve Decided to Quit Instagram

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Do you have a love-hate relationship with Instagram? On one hand, you love it, and it seems like such a great way to connect with people and get your voice out in the world and show your beautiful photography. But then on the flip side, it’s just so aggravating the amount of time that you spend pouring into content only to get a few likes, and maybe a comment or two, if you’re lucky.

If you’re anything like me, I have been feeling this pull and this struggle for many, many years. I have finally come to the end of my rope where I feel like I am ready to finally quit Instagram.

In this episode, you’ll hear a raw, real, honest conversation on how I feel about Instagram, why I decided to quit it, and how I already have experienced what it was like to be without Instagram for over four weeks. So if you’re curious about my thoughts on Instagram, and the other ways that I think are more effective uses of our marketing time, effort, and energy, then this episode of the podcast is for YOU.

Things That Aren’t For Me About Instagram

1. The Reach and Ever-Changing Algorithm

The fact that I have a pretty decent following, but my views, my comments, and my DMs, are just not what they used to be. It’s just so frustrating to spend any time, on the platform because I just feel like there’s not much return for the amount of time I spend on it. It truly is just not what it used to be with the statistics of the amount of people who see the content that I post about my business in particular.

2. The Glitches in Instagram Stories

So many times I’ve spent so long adding captions and other things to my stories, only for them to get deleted, not post in order, and glitch completely. When you spend time and energy on a platform, that is not consistent, it is frustrating.

I’ve also noticed such a low percentage of people watching my stories when I promote my business or add a link for my business, but a huge amount of views if my stories are about anything personal.

So I just don’t understand why I keep pouring so much time into a platform that’s just not performing for me when I have tested and used other things like my Facebook community, for example. Facebook in general, has brought me more qualified leads who actually convert.

3. People on Instagram Want to be Entertained

Think about it. When do you get on Instagram? Do you get on Instagram when you want a referral? Do you get on Instagram when you want to learn something? Or do you get on Instagram when you’re bored and you just want to see what’s going on?

I feel like most people before they search Instagram for a photographer, are going to go to a trusted friend. Or they’re going to go to a Facebook group, and they’re going to find someone who has actually used you before.

4. Many of My Instagram Followers Aren’t My Local Audience

So when I am talking about my photography business, which all of you are, you have a great following, but what percentage of those seeing your work is even local?

So if 2% of your following are seeing your stuff, which is what is happening statistically on Instagram, what percentage of that are actually local, ideal clients to you?

When I look at my Facebook, a great percentage of those people are my local friends. And so just imagine what more reach you would have if you were focusing more of your efforts on Facebook than Instagram.

What I love too, is that Facebook groups are where people go to learn. And so I actually get a ton of more qualified leads from Facebook for my coaching business than I do from Instagram. So I just feel like Facebook, although it’s not as fun for me, and it’s not as pretty, and there’s not all the bells and whistles, it’s converting better.

5. The Addiction that Comes with Instagram

Instagram steals my joy. It makes me feel horrible. It’s slowing down my growth. It’s making me more irritable and snapping at my kids and my husband. It is really changing my brain. And it’s an addiction. And I fully admit it.

I took a 4-week break, and now that I’m back, I still don’t love it. The fears I have about not being on Instagram don’t outweigh the happiness I feel not being on it. I have felt the conviction about the time I’m spending on Instagram, and all I know is that when I feel conviction, I have to respond.

Moving Forward for Me:

Maybe you’re not feeling the way I am now. But maybe that will be you in the future, and I hope that you take this and remember it and understand that you do not have to stay stuck. You do not have to do something just because everyone else is doing it or you feel like there’s no other way because I am telling you, people can be successful in business without Instagram. I’ve seen it!

I am ready to forge that own path for myself. So if you want to stay connected to me, and you want to hear updates on my journey and how it’s going without Instagram, I would love to connect with you over on Facebook inside of my Free Facebook Community. Check out the link for that in the show notes below.

I will be continually putting out this podcast every week. So I hope that you stick around and hang out with me, but I am just so incredibly ready to do business a different way than I’ve been used to doing it.

Quotes to Note:

“This conversation honestly, is again, just being really open and sharing my heart but also giving you the freedom to explore other options if you feel stuck in the Instagram battle as well. If you feel like you have to be on Instagram, I want to give you the courage to step away and try something else. Because I’m to that point right now where I am ready to explore other options very deeply.”

“If I ever were to keep Instagram, the only reason I would keep it is to find people, connect with people, and start conversations with people. Because I do feel like it’s a valuable tool to find and connect with people. But I just don’t want to pour any more time and energy into trying to market to the masses using stories, reels, or feed posts.”

“I don’t like the feeling that I get when I get off Instagram. That comparison is real, and it really does affect my mental health. So I personally just don’t love it for that reason.”

“All I know is that when I feel conviction, I have to respond.”


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