Ep 74. Simple Ways to Streamline Client Communication

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This topic is something that is super important to me, because it used to take up so much of my time. At the end of the day, we want to make sure we’re using our time wisely and not getting caught up in the never ending back and forth with our clients. I want to chat with you about strategies you can implement to streamline your client communication.

It can be a huge time commitment, but it’s incredibly important to stay ahead of your client’s expectations and always be sending the next step for them, so that they don’t have to be wondering what’s next. Taking time to really pour into this part of your business is going to give you a return tenfold. So here are five strategies to help you streamline this process:

Strategy #1: Direct all Inquiries to One Place

 If you get inquiries on Facebook, Instagram, text message, direct everyone to one place- the inquiry form on your website. This cuts down on the back and forth questions because all basic questions would be answered from the information contained on the website’s contact form. You can then link your contact forms to your customer relationship management (CRM) system, and it will track all of your leads for you.

Strategy #2: Use Canned Templates

These could be canned email templates, or Instagram quick replies. It’s really simple for you to respond to an inquiry as you already have the outline pre-written, all you need to do is to customize the template for the prospective client and then shoot back a response as quickly as you can, within one to two hours. Generally, clients will book with the photographer that responded the quickest. So you want to be prompt and clear about what it is that you can offer them and what they can expect from working with you.

With Instagram quick replies, for any conversation that you typically write out multiple times, you can link your contact form and have that as a quick reply so that you don’t constantly have to type that out.

You can create a canned template for when you are not available for a client session. In that template you can also recommend other photographers that have a similar style that would be a great fit for them. It’s important to take care of your potential clients even if they don’t hire you as they may hire you in the future or refer you to a friend. Always keep client communication positive even if they’re not able to book.

Other templates you can create are:

  • Requests for Phone Consultation
  • What to Wear Guide
  • Preferred Vendors List – Hair & Makeup Artists, Videographers etc.

Strategy #3: Clear Website Copy

Ensure when you are designing your website that you are strategically creating your copy to take your potential client on a journey. Think about the questions that you would have if you were looking for a photographer and as you start to get those questions from clients, make a list of them and add that information onto your website. The website is the first impression that someone gets of your brand and your business. It has to be crystal clear what service you offer, who you offer it to, the problem you will solve, your starting price point. Include how the process works and what they are to expect when they work with you.

Strategy #4: Create a Client Communication Workflow

This will be helpful  if you have clients that are on a bit of a longer journey, like a wedding client or a repeat client. After the inquiry takes place and they decide to book with you, you must map out the steps your client will go through, as well as the information they’re going to need along the way.

You can start to automate this workflow using a customer relationship management (CRM) software like HoneyBook, where the software can also schedule specific dates when emails are sent to your clients.

If you want to give HoneyBook a try, use my affiliate link where you can get 50% off for your first year.

Strategy #5: Identify your Client’s Preferred Method of Communication

After your client has already booked you, find out what is their preferred method of communication. It may seem obvious, but it’s helpful for you to know as you want your clients to get the information you send as quickly as possible, and you want them to be able to respond quickly as well.

You should also have communication expectations with your clients. Be upfront and give them the days and the times that they can expect to hear back from you.


So that’s all I have for you guys today. I hope that you have enjoyed these five strategies to streamline your client communication. I’ll run through them one more time:.

  1. Direct all inquiries to one place.
  2. Use canned email templates or quick replies on Instagram.
  3. Have clear website copy.
  4. Create a client communication workflow.
  5. Find out preferred method of communication and set those expectations.

If you enjoyed today’s post, I would love for you to share it with other mamas and tag me on Instagram @thepurposegathering. I always love hearing from my listeners and readers and getting to know more of you. So I would love for you to connect with me over on Instagram! As always mama, I am here rooting for you, and you are not alone on this journey.


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