Ep 42. Is Your Follow-Through Lacking?

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We are constantly being pulled in a million different directions and something or someone is always vying for our attention. It’s easier to follow through when someone else is relying on us, but when it comes to following through with ourselves, that’s a different story. I want to share with you a simple process that you can walk through to stay focused and actually follow through on your commitments.

Step # 1: Focusing on Yourself First

This is still something I struggle with and I think it will always be something that us mamas struggle with – focusing on yourself first. When I experience a lack of motivation, the lack of follow through on my part is closely related to my lack of prioritizing myself. I feel that when we take care of ourselves first, we are more motivated to follow through.

Remember, this is a daily process. It is a mindset to prioritize yourself, and I want you to go back and listen to those episodes and really start to dive deeper into prioritizing your self-care. The physical, emotional, mental, all of the different components of self-care add up and they all matter in their own unique way.

Step # 2: Cut Through all the Noise

Eliminate the extra that’s going on in your life. When I’m extremely overwhelmed, it’s because I have too many things going on and too much to be responsible for. I have too many obligations or I have taken on too many commitments and I really need to edit my calendar. I talked about this in episode 40 – check this episode out if you need help with decluttering your calendar. When you start to eliminate the extra in your calendar, you need to take out the commitments you no longer find joyful.

Turn off all distractions. When I start to get unmotivated, I look for distractions and I will do whatever I can to avoid the task I’m supposed to be doing. Distractions are only going to make your follow-through worse, so I recommend that you turn off all distractions when you are feeling this way.

One of the things I like to do is put my phone in a completely different room and leave it there. It’s hard sometimes, but we have really become so addicted to our phones, social media, and technology. We’re getting all this input but never doing output. We rarely take the time to put all of that thought into action.

When I am really lacking in my follow-through, it’s because I have allowed input (media and technology) to entertain me and I haven’t allowed myself to just sit and be bored. I’ve talked about this in a previous episode about teaching our children how to conquer boredom, but we need to talk about how we can conquer boredom. I need to be a model to my children where if I am setting restrictive boundaries for my children’s screen time, I should be doing the same for myself. So, allow yourself to be bored and to use your brain.

Start resisting urges. For example. let’s say you’re really struggling with eating healthy and you are craving sweets constantly. I want you to resist the urge and use this phrase, “if I want the candy bar tomorrow, then I will allow myself to have it.” Or fill in the blank with anything that you’re trying to follow through on. We are so used to instant gratification, and if we resist the urge and if we just tell ourselves, if you still want it tomorrow, you can have it tomorrow, it will shift your perspective.

Lastly, think about regularly journaling through your thoughts. This will help you figure out what you’re feeling unclear about, and it’ll help you determine what is stressing you or overwhelming you. Just brain dump everything and then organize it later.

Step # 3: Envision your Future Results

Think about what it is that you’re lacking follow through on. Envision it right now, and remember your ‘why’. This sounds so cliché, but you need to have a reason why you want ‘it’ because if you don’t, then your follow-through is going to suck all the time.

So, answer this question in your head right now: what is it that you are trying to change or improve? Now, think of your ‘why’, and then envision what it will look like when you accomplish that goal or when you will implement that new habit. What will it feel like? How will it impact your family and the people around you? It’s important to visualize what our results will look like because it makes it so much easier to work towards that goal.

Step # 4 Think Positively

It’s so easy for us to be negative, put labels on ourselves, and have thoughts of being unworthy. These negative thoughts impact us more than we realize.

So, I want you to be thinking next time your follow-through is lacking, what is your inner voice saying? Are you cheering yourself on? What about giving yourself a pat on the back? How about celebrating those small successes or are you constantly down on yourself?

Doing something new or different is hard. If it were easy, there’d be more people doing it. Just taking the step to read this blog and to take in the knowledge, that’s the first step. I am so proud of you for doing that, but don’t stop there. Take action and do the work!

Step # 5 Ask for Accountability

You need to have an accountability partner who will stick with you. If you don’t have anyone, I created the free community for you to plug in and find an accountability partner. Find someone who is just like you and wants the accountability as well.

If there literally is no one in your life for accountability, keep yourself accountable by setting timers and using alarms. This is an impactful way for you to start implementing something new and for you to start remembering to follow through on things.

If you are lacking follow through right now, do these steps sooner rather than later. I would love for you to share this post with other mamas, so they can improve their follow-through as well.

Now as always mama, I am here rooting for you and you are not alone on this journey.


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