Ep 71. Growing a Business that’s Bigger than Yourself with Tina Forsyth

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Today, I welcome Tina Forsyth, a mom of two and the owner of an online training and coaching company, where she works with individuals in the areas of leadership coaching and transition and helping them to grow and expand their business.  She speaks about building mental toughness and the critical mindset shifts that we as entrepreneurs need to have in order to run a successful and sustainable business.

What is ‘Mental Toughness’ and Why is it Important?

Being in business is very much a personal growth journey as much as it’s a strategic and tactical type of journey. It’s actually just one of the best personal growth journeys out there. We are exposed to the idea that that having your own business is supposed to be easy, fun, and smooth sailing at times.

This expectation of entrepreneurship being easy can get in the way for so many people during the early days of starting our business. Especially when we’re just figuring out what we’re doing. Growth is hard, and if we’re expecting it to be easy, then we can really easily get stuck there. This can prevent us from moving any further or we start looking for another path to follow.

Essentially ‘mental toughness’ is coming to terms with the understanding that our business journey is going to be hard and challenging at times. We have to be mentally prepared to meet each challenge head-on. If we don’t accept this reality, regardless of the business you’re in, you will get stuck and not move forward.

Ask yourself these questions on the hard days:

  • Who am I going to become through this business?
  • Who will you be when a tough and challenging situation arises in your business?

Remember going through challenges and tough times truly reveals our character and who we are.

Building Businesses Beyond Ourselves

You need to recognize that you are and entrepreneur, and you must take yourself and your business seriously so that you can take it to the next level. What defines a business as being bigger than ourselves is the fact that it’s too much for one person. When we want to build a business bigger than ourselves, we must recognize that we can’t keep doing it all on our own. You need to get the necessary resources, whether a personal development coach or to outsource and hire someone to assist you. You must relinquish control and ask for support. When relinquishing that control, you must first design your own role in this process and consider these questions in your reflection:

  • What is the vision for this next level of your business ?
  • What is this vision asking of me?

1. Create your ‘Yes List’

Once you know your role, call this your ‘yes list’. As you’re working to this bigger version of your business, you will get clarity on the things you need to prioritize and what to outsource and delegate to others.

Delegating is not necessarily hard, but when it comes to things we actually enjoy doing, these things can become our biggest barriers and blocks at a certain point in time. It may not be on the yes list you’ve created, but you can easily spend time on those things and not spend time on the things that actually need your attention.

Consider the cost of spending time on things that are not necessary to propel the business forward.

2. Do an Inventory Exercise

Once you’re clear on your yes list, the role that matches your next level of vision for the business,  do an inventory exercise. Make a list of all the following:

  • Things you’re doing right now
  • Things you want to be doing but unable to do.

Once you’ve listed, categorize those tasks that fit your “Yes List” and those that don’t.

3. Recognize When you Need Help

When we find ourselves stuck and overwhelmed in our business, these are usually big red flags. Anytime we’re feeling stuck about something that is a call to get help, to get support in some fashion.

When you have a full schedule where you’re working too much and becoming overwhelmed, that another red flag and it’s time to outsource. Remember delegating is not only business-related, but it’s also life-related too. Ask for your help in your home life as well, whether it’s a house cleaner or nanny to watch your children.

4. Move from Being a Control Freak to a Strong Team Leader

We need to recognize that this is a step-by-step process.  To make this shift, you really need to identify what should be on your plate and what shouldn’t. If we don’t take steps to let go of certain things and start to get help, that is the control freak in us.

By choosing the identity of who you are in your business, this will allow you to truly step forward and become the CEO of your company.

5. Learn to Value Yourself as a Leader

Depending on how your business is structured, delegate things like strategy development or decision-making and product/ service delivery to clients.

Recognize who you want to be in your business and then identify where  you are getting in the way of that journey and be willing to do something about it.

I hope that you have found today’s episode to be helpful, and hopefully it’s inspired you to put a new plan into action for growing your business. If you enjoy today’s episode, I would love for you to share it with other mamas and tag me @thepurposegathering on Instagram. I always love seeing your posts and being able to connect with you! And I just want to say thank you so much for always being so supportive. I’ve shared Tina’s website and Instagram information below – please go show her some love!

As always mama, I am here rooting for you, and you are not alone on this journey.


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