Ep 72. The Power of Niching Down

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Hey mama, welcome back to the blog! I am so excited for today because The Purpose Gathering is currently being relaunched to cater specifically to mompreneurs who are new or existing photographers and want to take their business to the next level. For those mamas who aren’t photographers, you are absolutely welcome here, as I will share tips, strategies, points of view, and mindset shifts that can definitely apply to you as well.

So before I dive into today’s topic, which is niching down and how extremely powerful it can be, I want to take you on a trip to where my journey began. I started my photography journey back in 2009, and I was a complete novice. I used pretty basic camera equipment and shot anything and everything. Then I finally took a leap of faith and invested a lot of money to attend a two-day workshop by Melissa Jill.

I learned so much from that workshop. The biggest takeaway was the fact that if you want to succeed as a photographer and be well-known for your work, you need to ‘niche-down’ and choose your specialty. It doesn’t mean that you can’t shoot other things, but you want to be known for one thing. From there, Ashley Freehan Photography was born. I focused on wedding photography and highlighted weddings on my website and social media pages.

I later established The Purpose Gathering as a local meet-up community in Arizona for service-based mompreneurs. I wanted to help moms who were raising a family and building a business at the same time. Fast forward to today, I am finally taking Melissa’s advice on niching down and I am specifically relaunching my brand to focus on mom photographers.  I’m completely pivoting to serve mom photographers because photography is my area of expertise. I have done it all from weddings, to portraits, to engagements, maternity and newborn shoots and now brand photography.

Narrowing Your Niche

Now you must be asking yourself like where do I even start? Or how do I even know? Consider these questions that can help you clarify and home in on how you can niche down.

  1. What do I want to be known for?

Consider all of your past photography sessions and choose those that you enjoyed the most – your absolute favorite sessions. Remember, just because you’re niching down doesn’t mean you can’t shoot other things.

2. What it is that you’re going to offer?

I want you to start to think about how many options you have. How many offerings or packages do you have because you don’t want to have an overwhelming amount of choices. Have two different types of offers and make it super simple and easy for your prospective clients.

3. How will you set yourself apart?

Consider what you are you going to do differently that set’s you apart from the rest of photographers out there. People hire people they know, like, and trust and they don’t hire the people who are the best. They want someone that they connect with, someone that they would be friends within real life.

Benefits of Niching Down

Keeping those three questions in mind,  I want to break down a few of the benefits of niching down for your business:

  1. You Know who you are Talking to: when you know exactly who you are talking to, your  messaging becomes clear, and your marketing content is much easier to create.
  2. Your Ideal Client Resonates with Everything You Say: when you have a specific audience that you’re speaking to, it’s so much easier for them to be able to listen to what you say. The conversion is so much easier because they know that you provide exactly what they need.
  3. You Are the Expert in the Industry: There are hundreds and thousands of photographers out there, but there are only a handful of photographers that specialize, and that’s what you want to be known for. You want to be known as that expert who knows everything about that specific type of photography. That way you are so easily referable that everybody knows your name in the industry, and they’re going to want to send business your way.
  4. You’re Able to Charge Higher Rates: You can charge much higher rate when you are a specialty brand as people will pay more for that specialized photography service you are offering

So to recap the three questions that I want you to think about when it comes to niching down:

  1. What do you want to be known for?
  2. What are you going to offer?
  3. How will you set yourself apart?

I hope that these tips have been helpful as you continue your business journey If you enjoyed this post, I would love for you to share your biggest takeaway and share this with other mamas and tag me on Instagram @thepurposegathering.

Until next time mama, I am here rooting for you, and you are not alone on this journey.


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My mission is to help fellow momtogs (mama photographers!) experience success in business and in motherhood. As an Arizona brand photographer for mompreneurs, I’m passionate about capturing authentic images that show off my clients’ unique personalities so they can connect with their ideal clients. And as an online business coach for momtogs, I LIVE for helping mamas experience incredible transformations that help them build a business they love, without sacrificing their precious time with their littles.

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