Ep 27. Finding Your Flow: Cyclical Mapping with Ash McDonald

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Cyclical mapping is the blue print to finally listening to your body!!

I am so excited to share with you this amazing conversation with Ash McDonald about cyclical mapping. If you’re not familiar with what this is, it’s tracking your menstrual cycle , all the phases that happen after that and how each of those play a crucial role in how we show up for ourselves. Cyclical mapping helps us enhance our productivity and efficiency in motherhood and business.

Here is just a brief rundown of the 4 phases and how we can start to show up for ourselves.

Our Menstrual phase lasts for 3-7 days, we need to move slower during this phase, eat foods packed with micro nutrients, drink decaf coffee, and avoid over exerting ourselves physically.

Our Follicular phase 7-10 days, our metabolism has slowed and we don’t need as much food. This is a great time to lean into really intense workouts, and be dreaming, strategizing, researching and challenging ourselves.

Our Ovulation phase lasts for 3-4 day. Estrogen is at it’s highest and energy come naturally. Ash recommends we go raw and vegan during this time to help prevent severe symptoms during our menstrual cycle. Intense workouts are great during this time and a perfect time to be launching, networking and socializing.

Our Luteal phase lasts 10-14 days. During this time we are likely to feel more hungry and need more calories from complex carbs and vitamin b rich foods. Pilates and slower moving workouts are perfect during this phase. We might not want to be super social but it’s a great time to get to work on things behind the scenes.

This has been my absolute favorite guest interview to date, so definitely be sure to check out the full episode on the podcast!!

xo, Ashley


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My mission is to help fellow momtogs (mama photographers!) experience success in business and in motherhood. As an Arizona brand photographer for mompreneurs, I’m passionate about capturing authentic images that show off my clients’ unique personalities so they can connect with their ideal clients. And as an online business coach for momtogs, I LIVE for helping mamas experience incredible transformations that help them build a business they love, without sacrificing their precious time with their littles.

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