Ep 88. Clearing Clutter + Simplifying Your Home

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Is your home stressing you out?

I am so pumped to share some tips and strategies for how to live more simply, and declutter your home.

Over the past couple of years, I have become so interested in learning more about minimalism, simplifying and how to declutter. I’m excited to share with you some steps that may inspire you to come on this journey, or inspire you to keep going if you’re already on this journey.

We’re going to go through five quick steps that are so important for you to clear the clutter and simplify your home. Then I will go deeper into what my decluttering process looks like and help you get started as well. So if you are ready, let’s jump right in!

Step # 1: Commit to the Process

Just decide that you’re going to do this. Decide that this is something that is so valuable and important to you that it’s going to have exponential benefits on you, your mental clarity, and your family. Just commit to doing this process and then enlist a friend of yours to be an accountability partner to join you as you go through this process. Next, you need to schedule in time every single day or week that you are going to implement this decluttering process. Set an alarm for it and make it a part of your day. Make it a priority. It is so much easier to create a habit if you are doing it at the same time every single day.

Step # 2: Just Start

Just start, don’t overthink it. If you wait for the perfect time to start, you never will. Now there are so many different methods of decluttering that you have heard of or maybe tried. Lots of people will tell you to just start small; start with one drawer, start with one cabinet, and go from there. When you are just getting into this decluttering process, it can feel overwhelming. Starting small can feel really good. For me, I prefer to start with the biggest problem area first, as I want to start with something that is going to be effective and have the biggest impact. So while I do think starting small is good, I think starting with your problem area is better. Then you can start small within that problem area.

Step # 3: Assess Where You Currently Are

I want you to go through your house, get a piece of paper and start writing down what are the biggest problem areas. Write those down and then prioritize these areas as the places in which you should work. You can start to break those areas into zones and you can tackle each zone one at a time. I don’t necessarily recommend going into a room and ripping the entire room apart and starting to purge and declutter all at once, it’s so much better to go zone by zone.

This is especially important if you’re looking at a really big project like a garage, or a spare bedroom or something like that. Pick a zone, set a timer, and see how far you can get in that amount of time. Setting a timer is a fantastic way for you to be accountable with your time. It helps you to assess the time you spend and the progress you are making with decluttering. I also want you to assess and determine if there are any areas of your home that are working well. Because this can often give you some encouragement and give you the momentum to keep going, as well as help you understand the progress that you’ve already made. Celebrate that!

Step # 4: Progress is the Goal, Not Perfection

Remember, we’re not looking for a perfect house. Just keep moving forward. Set that small daily goal of working on decluttering for however long you can. Set aside even 20 minutes a day, whatever time you can carve out, just to keep making progress.

Step # 5: Enlist the Help of Your Family

It is not your responsibility to declutter everything in your home.

Actually, it’s best if you can teach your children these decluttering skills, and have them do this routinely as well. I know that sometimes it’s hard encouraging our children to get rid of things. But once they see us doing it, they’ll realize they can help someone in need. Or that they are able to sell some of their things to save up for something. The key is teaching them the value of giving, and the value of having and living with less.

When we have too many things, it brings a lot of chaos; it brings a lot of stress and it can be really overwhelming.

Now this is something that I will attest to, that I am personally struggling with. My daughter has a lot of stuff in her room and it’s overwhelming. I’ve gone through it with her multiple times to declutter, and she just has a really challenging time letting go. As she gets older and becomes more mature, she will choose to get rid of more. It’s a process and it is something that I will have to help her with along the way. I actually talked with my children about implementing a 10 minute spot to declutter our rooms every day. We’ll see how far this goes, but even if they’re just decluttering trash, that’s better than nothing.

If you have a spouse that’s not on board with your minimalism or your decluttering habits, that’s okay.

They will come around. Once they see how much lighter your life is and how much more enjoyable things are because you’re not so stressed. It will rub off on them, so don’t feel like you have to convert them. Definitely have conversations with them to let them know how stressed or frustrated you feel. Eventually, they will come around.

My Decluttering Process

Whenever I envision decluttering a space, I first think about how I want the room or space to function. Here are some things you can do to start decluttering your space as well.

  • Think through what activities will take place in that room or space
  • Think about how the space will be organized and the storage options you will need
  • Clear out all of the trash
  • Organize the things you don’t need and put into piles to either donate, giveaway, or sell

The most fun part for me when I am purging or trying to declutter is the design. When each space in my house is beautifully designed, has a function, has a purpose, is something that I’m proud of.

I have really been ruthless lately about giving stuff away, even stuff that was like brand new that still had tags on it. Sometimes I felt that I should sell those items, but I would rather give it away to someone who could actually really use it. Instead of me having to go back and forth on Facebook Marketplace and sell it.

When it comes to donating stuff, just let it go.

Bless and release and know that, even if you spent money on it, it was a decision that was made in the past. The money has been spent, the money is gone, the money has already been wasted. So holding on to it isn’t helping you, it’s just making you feel more overwhelmed.

When there’s less stuff, there’s less stuff to clean.


So now I’ll ask you: What are the biggest problem areas in your house?

I would love for you to send me a DM on Instagram and let me know what your problem areas are! If you found these tips helpful on your journey to declutter, share them on Instagram and tag me @thepurposegathering, so that more mamas just like you can find this freedom in a more simple, decluttered home.

As always Mama, I am here rooting for you and you are not alone on this journey.


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